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Getting you the right drug at the right dose at the right time is the goal of pharmacogenomics, which involves studying how your specific DNA sequence influences your response to medications.
The drugs available today to treat cancer, heart disease and other conditions are powerful agents that work as intended in most patients. Yet, in some people, a particular drug at the standard dose might not work well enough or may even trigger a serious adverse reaction. The reasons for this lie, at least in part, in your genes.

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A scary date night

My husband and I were out for a Valentine’s Day dinner with a number of other couples, and I began to feel so ill that we had to leave and rush to an emergency room.  The doctor told my husband that it was good he brought me in when he did, because my body was shutting down. He said even 12 hours later I would have died. DNA testing at Mayo Clinic showed that I had a genetic defect that meant my body wasn’t properly processing some drugs. That was causing potentially deadly side effects to certain drugs. And medication I needed to control my heart condition wasn’t helping me at all.

Since 2009, I've spent countless hours researching, learning, and educating myself about this rapidly evolving field.  My goal is now to spread the word about this issue to help as many people understand how critical this can be to you because of your genetic response to medications. 

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What is Pharmacogenomics?


Pharmacogenomics is the study of the role of the genome in drug response. Its name (pharmaco- + genomics) reflects its combining of pharmacology and genomics. Pharmacogenomics analyzes how the genetic makeup of an individual affects his/her response to drugs.


A simple swab is all it takes!  Have your physician fill out a short form and you'll receive a test kit in the mail.  Karen and her team can easily guide you through the process.

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Karen and her Sisters

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Karen and Pharmacogenomics in the News

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